Hemp Rugs

Another astounding use for the hemp plant is one that is becoming more and more popular these days in the manufacture of area rugs.

These rugs in some instances start off with a rather course and rough texture, but this effect tends to soften with time as the rugs wear. Over time, they also become stronger.

The features of rugs constructed from these cannabis fabrics are especially attractive because, in addition to their natural physical strength and durability, they are also much more resistant to humidity and rot.

With all these benefits choosing a hemp, rug is a no-brainer. Considering these rugs are less expensive, made from readily renewable materials, great for the environment, naturally resilient, resistant to rot and wear and require no special chemical treatments. And come in so many beautiful designs and colors from which to choose. And, to top it off most of these floor coverings are even still hand woven to this very day.

These rugs are also especially suitable for people who suffer from allergies, asthma or any other respiratory ailment, or for people who are sensitive to chemicals and preservatives. These rugs and mats also have natural antibacterial properties which do not easily harbor noxious microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria or fungus.

In addition to this, the process of growing this plant and turning it into rugs is completely friendly to the environment. Since growing and harvesting requires very little to no chemicals of any type, this means very little fertilizer if any and no pesticides or herbicides are used for growing Hemp. And this plant actually fortifies the soil where it is grown and fights noxious weeds and other pests. Also, it requires only a very small fraction of the water used for other similar textile crops, such as cotton. And is also ready for harvest in as little as four months.

And with all these benefits, utilizing this fiber for use as rugs and mats is the most attractive alternative not only from an ecological point of view but also from a personal health point of view.

Other types of rugs and floor coverings have to be made (at least the part that is in contact with the ground) from synthetic foam or rubber. These materials have several disadvantages when compared to this organic fiber.

First of all, many chemicals are usually used and added during the manufacture of today’s carpeting and floor coverings. These are potential hazards you are exposing yourself, your children and even your pets to. This process adds a distinct and very recognizable smell that is often described as repulsive. This problem often happens even when natural rubber is used, but the smell is non-existent with mats and rugs made of Hempen fibers.

Other sorts of materials also tend to harbor bacteria, fungi and viruses especially if they are left to accumulate too much dust or if they get stained, or liquids are spilled on them. Of course, the addition of a chemical treatment will help prevent or reduce this. But this option, which is not only unnatural and potentially hazardous, is also only a temporary solution as such chemical treatments will wear off over time and will need to be reapplied. Hemp fibers, on the other hand, are naturally resistant to those microorganisms.

The mats and rugs also provide a more “natural” feeling on the skin and are almost always considered more comfortable, providing a sensation that can only be described as “unique”. Hemp fibers may feel slightly rough or a bit coarse, but not abrasive, instead they provide a “floaty” feeling and the fibers are cooler and breathe. These traits are something that will provide you with a great advantage over other materials. Perhaps you like to use mats for things such as to practice yoga on, to cover a chair or the couch, to put over the seat of your car or something similar.

Additionally, these rugs and mats are water washable, and many smaller rugs are also machine washable. In either cold or warm water and no special precautions need to be taken when washing them, making it even more convenient for you. You can machine dry these rugs or mats at a low setting, but it is best avoided, because it produces too much lint, which is not such an enormous downside.

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    While in France last Spring, I noticed a floor covering, herring bone weave pattern in the reception area of an old castle we were visiting. It was covering a rough stone floor and obviously had lots of foot traffic but even though it was worn, it was not breaking apart…Then again while visiting a very old church in a T mountain village still in France, I noticed the same floor covering in the herring bone weave on the church floor. I believe this material to be hemp as it had lots of foot traffic, worn, but still holding together…Could I be accurate in my assesment?

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