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It seems to me that nearly everyone is trying to become more ecologically friendly these days (which is awesome). Just because you are going green does not mean you necessarily have to believe in global warming. Besides, even if global warming was not an issue, then becoming eco friendly is still very much worth your while. It will benefit your overall health and longevity just by making a conscious effort to reduce the amounts of chemical substances and harmful toxins you introduce into your body, our atmosphere and water. Reusing means reducing the amount of waste delivered to our landfills on a daily basis. It is super easy to start doing this. You can start just by utilizing natural cleaners made from biodegradable materials, recycling and even just fixing something that is broken. Try getting a little more life out of it instead of just hucking it right straight into the trash. These simple little changes can be significantly less toxic to our bodies, environment and even nature’s beasts. You can even get eco friendly with your pets as well. Here are a number of things for you to consider when thinking about your loving pet and our environment.

Invest in an eco friendly pet bed: There are numerous companies that produce pet beds with environmentally friendly materials and others who incorporate recycled materials into their products. Many companies also employ hemp, which is a herb that is gathered for its invaluable fibers which are also utilized to fabricate textiles. These materials be used to create such things as pet beds, collars, leashes, clothing and chew toys. This stellar plant has been in use for centuries. No pesticide sprays are needed for growing this durable and hearty plant, and it is also very readily regrown and harvested, within 3-4 months and even in near famine conditions. Organically grown cotton is an additional natural source used in the manufacture of pet beds. Many companies utilize recycled plastic pop bottles when constructing their pet beds. This process is done by cleaning and disinfecting the recycled bottles, and then these bottles are sliced up into flakes, melted and liquefied then re-manufactured as fibers.

When you invest in these sorts of planet friendly pet beds, you can feel good about re-utilizing these recycled products. And also know you are incorporating natural resources such as hemp, which is nontoxic and can be produced using minimal amounts of toxins and is readily renewable. These environmentally friendly beds are manufactured from top quality components and are very long lasting. Therefore, they will help you save money in the long run. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and also come in a great number of beautiful colors. Some manufacturers will even customize your very own bumper bed, according to your preference in color and size.

Incorporate environ-friendly playthings: As I know from my personal experiences, most animals can get a lot of pleasure from playing with toys. So why not take a little extra time and find your fuzzy, furry or feathered friend an eco friendly toy or game? Many of these playthings are manufactured using renewable materials and some of which utilize up to 85% reused fibers, and some are even crammed full with a fiber fill made from recycled pop bottles and plastic containers. These Earth-friendly toys are available in a vast array of shapes, sizes and colors that will have your little buddy emitting energy all over the place. And when these toys are crafted from the hemp fibers they are more durable and when worn out can be added to the compost pile or bin.


Think reclaimed pet clothes: If your good buddy gets dressed up on occasion on cold winter days, then you should consider ways your pet can conveniently go green and invest in recycled material pullovers and overcoats. With a little effort, you can come across (or even make) some truly nice animal duds that are manufactured from reclaimed wool, organic cotton or some other fine material. Many of which you may already have collecting dust in a closet or lingering in a drawer. Using these reclaimed fibers is a wonderful way to do your part and give the world a little pat on the back. So by employing these simple methods, new cotton does not need to be grown or bleached, thus ensuring our planet gets a smaller dose of these nasty chemicals used in the farming and manufacture. Also, you can feel good about helping preserve our drinking water and farmland.


Also consider homeopathic remedies for your beloved pet: In general most flea and tick collars and dips are extremely noxious for your pets and also for the environment. I know I would rather not take a bath in poisonous water or strap a poison necklace on just to avoid bugs. You can utilize natural herbs, vinegar, essential oils, hemp oil and many other natural materials. Your animal will certainly be much healthier and likely happier if it does not have to be subjected to harmful toxins, likewise I think you will be too.

There are lots and lots of ways to go greener, whether you believe that global warming exists or not. Being environmentally conscientious is simply just good manners. It has many benefits for our atmosphere and our planets health as well as our own. Additionally using reclaimed fibers makes excellent sense for your animals and using natural materials like hemp makes even more sense.

Apart from just being a good friend to the environment you can conserve your hard earned duckets by reusing, re-purposing, utilizing highly renewable hempen fibers, reduce the amount of garbage you send to the dump (even if it is just by a small amount) and stay healthier. And nowadays, getting green is even viable for our oh, so loved creatures as well.




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