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One of the most useful and noble components derived from hemp is hempseed oil that is extracted by cold pressing its seeds.

Hemp oil was once widely used to produce simple body care products such as soaps and skin conditioners, but it is now starting to gain some traction once again. The oil from this plant is highly prized for it’s rejuvenating effects on the skin.

For use in most body care products such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, lip balms and deodorants refined hemp oil is used. This refined oil is a colorless and insipid (it has no flavor) fatty compound and has almost zero vitamins or antioxidants, but its content of essential fatty acids is very high. This oil also has nearly the perfect proportion of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids with a ratio of 3:1 which is essentially the perfect balance for the human body and skin. This unique property bestows upon these personal care products their amazing rejuvenating properties for the skin and the body.

As a side note, keep in mind that we are for sure not talking about Hasheesh oil, which is a narcotic substance derived from the marijuana strain of this plant which has a high content of THC. Hasheesh oil is sought solely for recreational and medicinal purposes and is illegal in the US. However, hemp oil is perfectly law abiding and contains no amount of THC and is used largely for its nutritive effects and as the primary component of some quality body care products.

Having clarified that important aspect, let’s get back on topic.

The use of this oil and the utilization of hemp seeds (from whence the oil is extracted) is perfectly legal everywhere in the United States right now. As well as the use of body lotions and creams made from this super oil. Because it is now legal to possess this particular oil, these products are finally making it back into the marketplace. However, many of these products are still being manufactured outside of the U.S. and are being imported.

Elaborating on the concepts previously mentioned. These lotions, oils, soaps and shampoos are rapidly becoming very popular because of they’re natural qualities and because they are very high in essential fatty acids. The EFAs are the greasy compounds that create a sort of barrier between the skin and the environment. Because they are fatty compounds, they repel water and prevent the loss of moisture, helping prevent some conditions such as dry skin. Essential fatty acids have also been implicated in the regenerative processes of the skin. Delaying the natural aging process and having the effect of preventing the development of some of the most common signs of age, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Hemp’s oil is found to be an incredibly safe compound with no known allergens that is why many of its skin care products are even safe for oral consumption.

The sustained and long-term use of these hempen skin care products have also been noted by the users to result in significantly softer skin. That looks and feels younger and healthier, and so these products are considered to be a safe and very efficient anti aging agents.

Because these products are magnificent at retaining the skins natural moisture, they are also useful in relieving many of the symptoms of clinical conditions. Such as dermatitis and eczema, but such use should still be discussed with your physician.

As for the oral consumption of the refined oil it is still a mighty fine nutritional supplement. However, lacking in almost all of it’s vitamins and minerals it is still capable of providing all the daily requirements of EFAs in just one single tablespoon (15 ml.). Essential Fatty Acids are essential for the human body and must be consumed as part of a complete diet as the body cannot directly synthesize these.

Other oils extracted from plant seeds, such as flaxseed oil, also provide an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids. Although not as good as the cannabis variety. But when they are regularly consumed, the body sort of becomes dependent upon them. And if you stop using this oil abruptly after consuming it for an extended period, you can develop a deficiency in these Essential Fatty Acids. Withdrawal symptoms do not occur with the hemp oil, which can be frequently consumed  and if its consumption is ceased there will be no adverse side effects or consequences.

Perhaps the only downside of this cannabis oil is that it has to be carefully stored in a dark and cool place, so as to prevent it from oxidizing and becoming rancid. However, this does not occur with most of these body care products which are made using the refined oil.



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